Cannabis oil is increasingly popular with users who want to experience the body high that comes with cannibidiol (CBD), but not the psychoactive effects of THC.  Increasing numbers of medical marijuana patients are using CBD oil for medical purposes while increasing numbers of recreational users use other cannabis products for their THC.  There’s no avoiding how CBD oil is a major part of the cannabis industry.

This market reality affects Player’s Network in a positive way!  One of the Player Network, Inc.’s (PNTV) valuable holdings is Green Leaf Farms Holdings, LLC (Green Leaf Farms).  Green Leaf Farms is a marijuana company with production and cultivation licenses in the State of Nevada, and they understand the demand for cannabis oil.

Marijuana Stocks points to a large increase in consumer interest in CBD oil in 2016, and predicts that interest in hemp oil will only increase in 2017.  The Hemp Business Journal also predicts that the hemp market will grow to over $1.8 billion by 2020, with CBD oil responsible for $450 million of those sales.  In addition to forecasts for the hemp industry and CBD oil, Colorado alone grossed over $1 billion in legal marijuana sales.  The market is opening up and new consumers are clamoring for product.

At their North Las Vegas facility, Green Leaf Farms will utilize a laboratory with a fully operational kitchen for production of edibles and CBD oils.  Green Leaf Farms’ production license allows them to make any type of concentrates, which may be one of the most valuable assets the company has.  The liberty granted by the production license puts Green Leaf in a position to cater to customer demands for any type of CBD oil.

In producing their oil, Green Leaf Farms’ specialists intend on utilizing 5 extraction processes, including the Rosin process.  In the Rosin method, a heat press immediately extracts all the THC and CBD from the plant with no solvents.  Solvent-free extraction is the purest form of extraction.  Once open for business, Green Leaf plans to produce CBD oils only from solvent-less concentrates, while most of their competitors will use butane wax, which is less pure.

Another advantage of Green Leaf Farms’ CBD oil is its 1.5 ratio between THC and CBD. To meet a growing demand, Green Leaf is developing CBD oils where the THC content is 1.5 times as much as the CBD content, and other oils with 1.5 times as much CBD as THC.  This ratio, combined with the purity of the extraction process and the painstaking care in preparing the product, sets Green Leaf Farms apart from the competition.  Having a unique product that the competition doesn’t have can only be good for business.  Greater consumer interest in Green Leaf Farms’ cannabis oils will translate into more profits and a greater value for Player’s Network’s shareholders.