State governments across America are taking bold action to boost the legal marijuana industry.  Apart from the string of states that have recently opened up to medical marijuana, states like Colorado and Nevada are developing regulations to accommodate the much-anticipated recreational marijuana market.  The forces at work are creating an environment that will benefit the market that one of the Player’s Network, Inc.’s (PNTV) holdings is entering.

A state government is about to create the first government-produced manual for growing marijuana.  State officials are teaching officials from other states about growing and cultivating marijuana.  The number of medical marijuana recommendations sanctioned by a state government increased dramatically.  Federal law enforcement agencies don’t plan on going after legal marijuana.  This is the environment Green Leaf Farms Holdings, LLC (Green Leaf Farms) is entering.  Player’s Network owns 86% of Green Leaf Farms and the future of the cannabis market and shareholder dividends looks bright.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Colorado Department of Agriculture is currently producing the first government-made marijuana growing manual in the world.  The Internet and many bookstores offer numerous how-to books on growing marijuana at home, but the State of Colorado aims to elevate the practice to the level of agronomy.  Colorado state officials are also offering tours and seminars to other state’s officials, teaching those officials about growing, cultivation, and regulation of marijuana.

Some of the state officials attending the seminars and tours in Colorado come from states and territories like Guam, where medical marijuana is legal.  Other officials come from states that will legalize cannabis “when hell freezes over,” which may be sooner than they think.  The recent meetings between Colorado officials and officials from other states are encouraging.  The encouraging news is welcome in light of some concerns over the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and his past hostility to the cannabis industry.

Fortune’s Tom Huddleston Jr. writes, “Sessions, who in the past has been outspokenly opposed to legalized marijuana, admitted during questioning by his fellow U.S. senators that disrupting states’ legal marijuana markets by enforcing federal marijuana laws could create an undue strain on federal resources.”  

Fortune reports that President Donald Trump repeatedly voiced his support for legal medical marijuana on the campaign trail.  Furthermore, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on January 10th that Attorney General Sessions will follow the President’s agenda.  U.S. News reports that “owners of state-legal cannabis businesses say they aren’t particularly concerned about the possibility” of the Department of Justice going after the marijuana industry in states where it’s legal.