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PNTV Shareholder Update: 4th GLF Harvest for July 2018

GLF Cultivation Update July 2018

Player’s Network, Inc. (Stock Symbol:PNTV) CEO Mark Bradley provides an update from the new Green Leaf Farms cultivation facility in Salinas Valley, CA; discussing the recent harvest of about 350 pounds.

This is the 4th harvest this month for an estimated total of 1,541 pounds.

At the average wholesale price of $1,100/lb that’s a gross revenue of approximately $1,695,100.00!

Green Leaf Farms

CEO, Mark Bradley July 2018 – Salinas Valley, California

Hosted by CEO Mark Bradley

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  1. John Barrett August 22, 2018 at 8:56 am - Reply

    John Barrett, very impressed with the facilities,the process and the production outcome. As an investor, when do you expect all of the above to translate to upward mobility in our stock price?

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