Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Player’s Network is always on the lookout for companies to joint venture with and/or enter into strategic partnerships. If you feel you have a great product and/or service and would like to expand your network, please connect with us. We are open to many different types of relationships from introductions to joint ventures. Since every relationship is unique, we don’t have a boilerplate partnership program. Although our current focus is in the marijuana industry, we still encourage companies to reach out to us and present their ideas.

For all marijuana related ventures, please visit Marijuana Accelerator.

For all non-marijuana related ventures, please provide the following information to us via email:

  1. Details about your business
  2. Your target markets
  3. Your area(s) of focus
  4. Which of PNTV’s holdings you are interested in working with
  5. How we (or our holdings) fit into your strategy
  6. Any additional information you feel is relevant to your project.

Upon receipt, our management team will assess your project and we will be in touch.

Thank you for your interest!

Player’s Network Team

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