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Our Strategy/Business Model

Player’s Network, Inc. Investment Strategies + Philosophies

We are not like most holding companies who just seek to acquire assets and maximize net profits. Our management team is comprised of visionaries and risk-takers who look at the world differently. We try to identify opportunities before they happen and we have the ability to pivot and move quickly. If we decide to start, acquire or partner with a company we move fast, very fast. This gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. People, ideas, passion, and principles are more important to us than fundamentals and the bottom line. Our philosophy is based on innovation and scalability, ideas that have merit we execute on.

Our first priority in any venture is building long-term shareholder value. Shareholder value comes in many forms but PNTV put vision, scalability and potential cash flow above all. We look for unique opportunities in emerging markets, currently, our focus is on media and marijuana.

PNTV’s objective is to create long-term shareholder value by investing in opportunities that generate attractive returns and substantial cash flow in order to maximize value for our shareholders.

We like to partner at the earliest stage, however, we are open to all stages of a company.

We select strong leadership teams, work with them to establish specific objectives, and regularly review their strategy and performance.

Marijuana Accelerator

For the marijuana industry, we acquired MarijuanaIncubator.net and further developed it to launch Marijuana Accelerator. Marijuana Accelerator is an ecosystem for the marijuana industry designed to connect entrepreneurs and investors to our network and develop partnerships. Marijuana Accelerator’s mission is to “identify and develop ventures in the marijuana industry.”

The main purpose of Marijuana Accelerator for PNTV is to identify resources to further our businesses as well as identify new acquisition targets. Specifically, PNTV will utilize Marijuana Accelerator to achieve the following:

  • Identify Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Ideas. This will be a fantastic source for our own deal flow. We published our plan to identify seed to sale ventures (cultivation, production, and dispensaries) in target states as well as technology ventures.
  • Continue to Build our Network. We hope to identify partners and potential joint ventures to enhance the distribution of our products and services.
  • Identify Investors and Investment Groups. In addition to investing our own capital, PNTV would like to identify other strategic investment groups to invest with us.
  • Identify Leaders. Identify leaders, advisors, officers and directors to place in our portfolio companies as well as PNTV.

For more information, you can view Marijuana Accelerator on our Holdings page or you can visit www.MarijuanaAccelerator.com.

Our Network

We believe in developing and maintaining strong relationships. We value our relationships and we have built an amazing network. Our network helps catapult our ventures. When we launch a new product or service, we initially bring it to our existing contacts which open the door to new markets and opportunities.

Incubating and Acquiring Companies

New ideas are what drives us! PNTV is always on the lookout for new ideas we can get behind. Our goal is to establish significant market share for seed to sale in the United States. We would like to expand our seed to sale operations in approx. 16 states ranging from cultivation and production facilities to dispensaries. Since the marijuana industry is still in its infancy stage, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth, especially in regards to technology.

Marijuana and Media Strategy

While developing WeedTV.com, the PNTV team realized they could implement a vertical strategy to utilize their media platform (WeedTV.com) to drive business and awareness to their cannabis products (Green Leaf Farms). Through the audience and reach of WeedTV.com, they will build brand value and cross-market their own marijuana products, as well as generate revenues by marketing other companies’ products and services.

Partnering With PNTV

If you have a company or a new idea and we like it, PNTV will work with you to help develop it. We have the expertise and industry know-how to turn your idea into a reality. We look for driven entrepreneurs who believe in their idea. We take a long-term, disciplined approach to helping you develop your idea. We assist by bringing in management, capital, marketing and anything else your venture needs to be successful.

All marijuana companies who are interested in partnering with us or entering into a joint venture are encouraged to visit www.MarijuanaAccelerator.com/partner. Please contact us or apply through Marijuana Accelerator and our team will evaluate your proposal and contact you.

For non-marijuana related companies, please visit our Partner Page to get in touch with us.

Working with Underperforming Companies

In some cases, companies haven’t worked out like they were expected to. PNTV looks for opportunities to either acquire or partner with your company. We know that every situation is different so we are able to bring in the resources you need to be successful. We intend to assist with the development and growth of your business. Our goal is to maximize the value of your company and help generate revenues. Our management team will assist by reviewing your business and help implement proven strategies to attribute to additional cash flow.

We are currently focused on companies in the marijuana industry, please visit www.marijuanaaccelerator.com/apply to learn more.

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Player’s Network, Inc. (PNVT) is a fully reporting publicly traded diversified holding company who operates in two main areas; Media + Marijuana. PNTV’s primary objective is to create shareholder value by identifying opportunities in niche emerging markets.

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