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Jason S. Ching, M.S.

Director of Operations

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   Main:  702.840.3270

   Direct:  702.840.3266

    Text:  702.840.3266

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Jason holds numerous degrees in Biology, Mathematics, and Psychology, with advanced degrees in Psychology. A Professor in NY for many years, Jason worked with diverse populations. Jason implements Empirical, Educational, and Developmental paradigms when engaging Cannabis in the context of Horticulture and has performed both biomedical and psychological research (EPRP, Ref # 10419438). His area of research interest within the field of Horticulture focuses upon Allelopathy and resource competition. Certifications: Human Subjects Research (HSR) Social-Behavioral-Educational (SBE) and Biomedical (Biomed) through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI, EPRP), and Nevada Restricted Use Pesticide. Jason has applied his varied interests and academic background to Cannabis for over 15 years.

Phone: +1 844.311.7688

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