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Players Network, Inc. (PNTV) is a leading diversified and integrated cannabis holding company.

PNTV focuses on two main business segments: seed-to-sale operations and cannabis lifestyle. All seed-to-sale operations are held by PNTV’s subsidiary, Green Leaf Farms Holdings, and our cannabis entertainment and lifestyle ventures such as WeedTV are held by MJ Media Holdings.

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Players Network, Inc.
(Stock Symbol: PNTV)
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We are not like most holding companies who just seek to acquire assets and maximize net profits. Our management team is comprised of visionaries and risk-takers who look at the world differently. We try to identify opportunities before they happen and we have the ability to pivot and move quickly. If we decide to start, acquire or partner with a company we move fast, very fast. This gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. People, ideas, passion, and principles are more important to us than fundamentals and the bottom line. Our philosophy is based on innovation and scalability, ideas that have merit we execute on.

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We work as a single united team with market leading experience from around the world and give our shareholders the highest value possible.

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