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About Player’s Network:

Player’s Network, Inc. (PNTV) is a publicly traded diversified holding company operating primarily in marijuana and media. PNTV is traded on the OTCQB exchange and has been a fully reporting publicly traded company since 1998. PNTV’s primary objective is to create long term shareholder value by identifying opportunities in underserved and niche emerging markets whose growth potential is significant and likely underappreciated.

Players Network is not a name associated with marijuana, therefore, very few investors have identified us as a company in the booming marijuana space. However, over the last few years, we have been working tirelessly to develop revenue-generating businesses in the marijuana industry and we are currently weeks away from launching! PNTV is one of the few public companies which actually touches the plant itself.

PNTV’s holdings are individual businesses we either own 100% of or we have controlling interest. Our holdings are at different stages ranging from startup (developmental stage) to operational.

Our main focus is further advancing our existing holdings. As we continue to develop and grow our existing holdings, we intend to provide our shareholders with direct access to these businesses. Our existing holdings take precedence over all investment capital allocation and resources.

We have a fantastic story and an exciting opportunity to share with our investors and we encourage you to learn more.

Basic Holdings Profile:

Green Leaf Farms Holdings, LLC (Green Leaf Farms) which has Nevada state-issued cultivation and production license(s). Housed in a 27,000-sq. ft. facility in North Las Vegas, the cultivation license enables Green Leaf Farms to grow marijuana and the production license enables them to create extracts which are used for cartridges, oils and edibles that will serve the 52 million visitors that come to Nevada each year and estimated by many to become the largest recreational MMJ market in the world.

  • PNTV owns. 86% of Green Leaf

Green Leaf Farms

Green Leaf Farms Holdings, LLC (Green Leaf) produces medical and recreational cannabis products. Revenues are generated by selling our cannabis products to licensed dispensaries throughout Nevada.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality and safest pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to all levels of consumers. We utilize the most efficient cultivation methods to lower expenses for consumers and to maximize returns for investors.

We are a publicly held company with a unique business model as we are one of only a few companies who have been granted 2 (two) Medical Marijuana Establishment (MME) licenses in Nevada; Cultivation and Production. Having these licenses give us priority the gain a recreational license when the state begins to issue them later this year,

Our Cultivation License enables us to grow cannabis which will produce flower. Our Production License enables us to process our flower (cannabis) and cannabis byproducts into extremely pure concentrates, extracts, and oils which are used in medicine, cartridges and edibles. Green Leaf has both acquired and developed proprietary cannabis strains and will continue to be committed to cannabis research and development.

Green Leaf is in North Las Vegas, Nevada on 2.3 acres in a state-of-the-art 27,000 sq. ft. facility will have the capacity when fully operating to generate more than 40 million per year. We have a seasoned team of professional growers and operators to manage the facility with proven best practices to ensure we have the highest quality products available. is developing a niche social network and lifestyle channel destination for the marijuana industry. They are launching the “go-to” source for information, entertainment, products and services for people who relate to the marijuana lifestyle and an active social community and will be used to market all Green Leaf Farms products as well as its own standalone revenue. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PNTV

Marijuana and Media Strategy

While developing, the PNTV team realized they could implement a vertical strategy to utilize their media platform ( to drive business and awareness to their cannabis products (Green Leaf Farms). Through the audience and reach of, they will build brand value and cross market their own marijuana products, as well as generate revenues by marketing other companies’ products and services.

WeedTv’s platform will all any company in the MMJ industry to build its own media network and digital business within WeedTV. We are targeting approximately 70,000 associated business around Marijunia and Cannabis including Dispensaries, cultivators, Smoke Shops, Manufactures, Doctors, merchandise and more. Initially the use of or software will be free but will eventually we estimate an average monthly licenses fee of $600 per MMJ business and have goals of capturing 15% of the current market of 70,000 business. WeedTV is planning to launch its new technology platform on 4-20 2017.

Marijuana Accelerator is an ecosystem for the marijuana industry designed to connect entrepreneurs and investors to our network and develop partnerships. The main purpose is to identify resources for PNTV.

  • Marijuana is a Division of PNTV.

Marijuana Accelerator

For the marijuana industry, we acquired and further developed it to launch Marijuana Accelerator. Marijuana Accelerator is an ecosystem for the marijuana industry designed to connect entrepreneurs and investors to our network and develop partnerships. The main purpose of Marijuana Accelerator for PNTV is to identify resources to further our businesses as well as identify new acquisition targets. Specifically, PNTV will utilize Marijuana Accelerator to achieve the following:

  • Identify Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Ideas.  This will be a fantastic source for our own deal flow. We published our plan to identify seed to sale ventures (cultivation, production and dispensaries) in target states as well as technology ventures.
  • Continue to Build our Network. We hope to identify partners and potential joint ventures to enhance the distribution of our products and services.
  • Identify Investors and Investment Groups. In addition to investing our own capital, PNTV would like to identify other strategic investment groups to invest with us.
  • Identify Leaders. Identify leaders, advisors, officers and directors to place in our portfolio companies as well as PNTV.

Incubating Companies

New ideas are what drives us. PNTV is always on the lookout for new ideas we can get behind. For the marijuana industry, we launched MarijuanaIncubator.Net. MarijuanaIncubator.Net is used to identify ventures focused on technology and seed to sale solutions. Our goal is to establish significant market share and brand expansion in the United States. We would like to expand our seed to sale operations in over 18 states ranging from cultivation and production facilities to dispensaries. Since the marijuana industry is still in its infancy stage, there is tremendous opportunity for growth, especially in regards to technology and brands. Marijuana Accelerator will set the stage for the company to explore dozens of accusation targets that will expand our brands through the us.

Our Strategy/Business Model:

Player’s Network, Inc. Investment Strategies + Philosophies

Our management team is comprised of visionaries who look at the world differently. We try to identify opportunities before they happen and we have the ability to pivot and move quickly. If we decide to start, acquire or partner with a company we move fast, very fast and that’s what our investors will see the company doing over the coming months and years. This gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. People, ideas, passion and principles are more important to us than fundamentals and the bottom line. Our philosophy is based around innovation and scalability, ideas that have merit we execute on.

Our priority in any venture is building long-term shareholder value by becoming the dominant player in the MMJ space by combining both MME licenses with Media. Shareholder value comes in many forms but PNTV put vision, scalability and potential cashflow above all. We look for unique opportunities in emerging markets, currently our primary focus is in media and marijuana.

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Full SEC Filings

To view our full SEC Filings, please click on this link: PNTV SEC FILINGS

Player’s Network, Inc.

Player’s Network, Inc. (PNVT) is a fully reporting publicly traded diversified holding company who operates in two main areas; Media + Marijuana. PNTV’s primary objective is to create shareholder value by identifying opportunities in niche emerging markets.

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