Players Network, Inc. is a rapidly growing company in the marijuana industry with licensed grow operations in Las Vegas, Nevada and Jujuy, Argentina. PNTV has been a fully reporting, publicly traded company since 1998.

From Our Chairman and CEO

Dear Present & Future Shareholders:

Due to the rapid growth currently taking place in the global cannabis and CBD industries combined with the overwhelmingly positive interest in Green Leaf Farms International, Inc., which is positioned to be the largest cannabis cultivation operation in the world; there has never been a more exciting time in the company’s history to be a shareholder. The following is a compendium of recent events shaping the company’s future.

Name change from “Player’s Network” to “Green Leaf Farms International”
Players Network was the right brand name when the company’s business model revolved around Las Vegas and the Gaming Entertainment Industry.

With the company’s current business model revolving around the International Cannabis and CBD Markets, with operations in the United States and Argentina, supported by the company’s Media Distribution Platform WeedTV, the time is right to update our name to more accurately reflect our business. Management anticipates the effective date for the Name and Symbol change to officially take place during the week of March 18th, 2019. For more information please read the original press release regarding the name change.

The Green Leaf Farms International Business Model
Green Leaf Farms International (GLFI) has entered into a Definitive Agreement with the province of Jujuy, Argentina, creating “Canna S.E”, a Joint Venture Company.  This signed agreement constitutes the largest cannabis cultivation operation in the world consisting of 14,000 hectares (33,600 acres / 52.5 square miles).

The explosive legalized growth of the Cannabis Industry in the United States, Canada, and worldwide is rapidly transforming cannabis products into valuable commodities like corn, soybeans, crude oil, natural gas and gold.  With cultivation, productions, extraction and distribution operations in Argentina, GLFI is perfectly positioned to be a powerful First Mover and Market Leader.

Over 36 countries have legalized cannabis and/or CBD, with many more in the pipeline.   Several U.S. States and Canada have fully legalized THC for recreational use. Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies are rapidly developing an array of products utilizing CBD oils and hemp for use in healthcare and wellness, edibles, energy drinks, cosmetic, textiles, pets and many more products, creating worldwide demand for these cannabis and CBD products.

GLFI’s comprehensive Agreement with the Government of Argentina allows us to produce these cannabis/hemp products without the high taxes and compliance barriers imposed in the United States.  We will be perfectly positioned to supply the tremendous demand for these high-quality CBD, THC and hemp ingredients at a more competitive price than almost anyone in the world.

In addition to ingredients and our own proprietary products, our business model includes “pre-selling” orders for CBD and THC oils and isolates to and for major international distributors and end-users.  With our vast cultivation and production capabilities, orders can be placed for specific strains (both cannabis and hemp) and products the end users desire (i.e. isolates and distillates). GLFI will then produce the product(s) for them.  We initially entered the CBD space over 2 months ago when we introduced our flagship CBD consumer brand “Green Leaf PURE”.

New Grow Team Overseeing the Argentina Expansion
To expedite operations in Argentina and ensure we have the expertise to properly launch it, we have retained the consulting firm GrowSmith.  Based in Colorado and led by the company’s president, Shamol Vyas and his team of expert cultivators, GrowSmith is an industry leader having built and managed over 4 million sq. feet of greenhouse, and 300 acres of industrial hemp.  

PNTV Launches Green Leaf PURE CBD 
When considering all of the possible avenues for expanding revenue and growth, it is hard to ignore the blossoming CBD market and the life-changing benefits these products potentially have. Simply put, the CBD market is poised to be the next gold rush with revenues expecting to exceed $22 Billion in the next four years!

Unlike cannabis products that are subject to a patchwork of state and federal regulations, CBD is derived from hemp and does not include any of the psychoactive qualities found in cannabis (THC). The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill (which included the 2018 Hemp Act) essentially removed hemp from the list of controlled substances, thereby opening the floodgates for hemp-derived products.  Currently the company is sourcing its CBD from other “best of breed” producers of CBD to launch and build its Green Leaf PURE brand.

PNTV has teamed up with MJ Venture Partners, Inc. to launch the CBD brand Green Leaf PURE (GLP) along with an ecommerce website GreenLeafPURE.com. GLP will produce a number of high quality CBD products that consumers are familiar with and commonly use. GLP will also introduce a variety of innovative products to include items for health and beauty, pets, pain management, and sleep. PNTV intends to add new products, brands and lines as new vertical markets develop and opportunities present themselves. Once GLFI start producing CBD, GLP will be the primary brand for consumer based CBD products. Additionally, GLFI intends on providing wholesale CBD isolate and disolates to white label and private label CBD companies through GLP.

Those that are interested in purchasing Green Leaf PURE CBD products will be able to sign up for generous discounts and exclusive offers through PNTV’s Investor Portal. Read the original press release announcing the launch of GLP.

PNTV Announces Development of Cannabis Medical Research Farm in the Argentina
In an unprecedented move specifically designed to separate PNTV from its competition, the Las Vegas, Nevada based cannabis company has joined forces with the government of Jujuy, Argentina to develop the a cannabis medical research farm in Jujuy, Argentina.

This joint venture between the government owned Cannabis Avatara S.E. (Cannava S.E.) and Green Leaf Farms International has obtained all permits necessary to cultivate, extract, manufacture and export cannabis-based products (both THC and CBD) to other countries where cannabis products are legal, and intend to provide the entire country of Argentina with all of the CBD oils required to conduct clinical studies of refractory epilepsy.

Products to be produced under this agreement include: industrial hemp, CBD isolates and distillates, medical and adult use marijuana for export to the United States, Canada and emerging international markets including those in Asia and Europe where CBD and Cannabis are legal. More information on this joint partnership and the signed Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between the province of Jujuy and Green Leaf Farms can be read in the original press release.

PNTV & Surge Holdings Announce Joint Venture to Sell CBD Products in Retail Stores Nationwide
Surge Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: SURG) and PNTV have created a partnership to distribute Green Leaf PURE CBD products (ultimately being manufactured in Argentina) to a network of approximately 40,000 retail stores throughout the United States.

This partnership allows GLFI the ability to focus on producing the highest quality CBD products on the market and the creation of new CBD product lines while Surge utilizes its B2B distribution platform, sales team, and outbound call center to introduce, sell and manage the ongoing replenishment of these products. Sales to retail outlets are anticipated to being in the second quarter of 2019. Read the original press release announcing the joint venture between PNTV, Inc. and Surge Holdings, Inc.

PNTV strategically annuls acquisition of its California operation to focus on Argentina
Acquiring the Salinas Valley, California operation caused significant compliance issues for PNTV that resulted in late second and third quarter filings. After careful consideration, the decision was made to focus existing and future resources/money on PNTV’s  partnership with the province of Jujuy, Argentina to develop the largest cannabis farm in the world.

The unwinding of Green Leaf Farms Salinas Valley consist of PNTV receiving $600,000 in 2 payments with an additional payment of up to $500,000 upon closing of an acquisition by a new buyer. “The decision to shift resources and attention from California to Argentina was not made lightly”. Mark Bradley CEO of PNTV stated, “We believe it will turn out to be the best decision the company has ever made and will benefit the company and its current and future shareholders.” More information on this strategic decision can be read in the original press release.

PNTV and Cannava S.E. Receive Security Clearance to Import Cannabis Seeds into the Jujuy Province of Argentina
The first major milestone in developing the largest cannabis grow operation in the world has been accomplished. Moving sensitive products such as cannabis seeds across international borders required cooperation at the highest levels of government. In addition, all security clearances required to protect a grow operation of this size and scale has been granted.

The passing of this security resolution allows the Argentinian military and local law enforcement the authority to protect, secure and defend every aspect of the joint partnership taking place between GLFI and Cannava S.E.. These security efforts will include the implementation of advanced security protocols currently being installed in Finca El Pongo where the first germination stage of the seeds is expected to take place. Read the original press release announcing this major milestone in PNTV’s project in Argentina.

Green Leaf Farms Announces Definitive Joint Venture with Cannava S.E. and Jujuy, Argentina
A definitive joint venture agreement between PNTV and Cannava S.E. clears the way for the planting of cannabis seeds to begin in March. The cannabis seed planting process will consist of planting a small area to test which strains respond best to the environment in Argentina. The planting of strains to be harvested will begin during Argentina’s spring season that starts in September.

Due to the massive amount of land that PNTV now has at its disposal to grow cannabis products in Jujuy, GLFI will be able to harvest hundreds, if not thousands, of tons of industrial hemp biomass from which to extract a wide spectrum of oils needed to produce CBD products that will be sold around the world. The remaining biomass after extraction will be used to manufacture other environmentally beneficial products such as paper, plastic, textiles, rope, fuel, hempcrete and other hemp-based products to fully utilize the plant with minimal waste.

“This is a groundbreaking project on so many levels”, said Mark Bradley, CEO of PNTV and Green Leaf Farms. “Our business model and scalability surpass that of any other cannabis company in the world. That’s not hyperbole. Thanks to our Joint Venture with Jujuy province government (through Cannava S.E., we will be able to supply, on a massive scale, the key ingredients used to produce an array of environmentally friendly hemp-based products.

This project will create a lot of jobs, and as part of our mandate, we will provide educational programs to the citizens of Argentina. What other cannabis company can claim this kind of government backing and support?” Read the full press release announcing the definitive agreement with Argentina as well as the Form 8-K filing with the SEC.

To sum up, GLFI has a commanding first mover advantage. Its favorable deal in Argentina perfectly positions the company to rapidly become a major player and industry leader in the burgeoning worldwide cannabis and CBD industries.


Mark Bradley, CEO

From Our Director

Brett H. Pojunis | Players Network Investor Presentation

“Management is dedicated to building solid fundamentals that will perform strongly and predictably over the long term. A key part of building a successful company is through careful capital planning and analysis that informs our decisions about when and where to invest.”

Brett H. Pojunis


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