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A Tour of $PNTV Nevada and California Operations

Get ready to discover all of the steps involved in producing world-class commercial cannabis from seed-to-sale including what it takes be in compliance with all state regulations. Green Leaf Farms is home to some of the most sophisticated cultivation equipment offered on the market today to include our top-of-the-line EZ-Clone cloning system. Listen carefully and make sure to take notes as CEO Mark Bradley breaks down each room of the growing process and explains in detail all of the tasks that are involved in growing some of the highest quality marijuana available in California and Nevada dispensaries.

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A Tour of $PNTV Nevada and California Operations

CEO Mark Bradley and our team of master cultivators take you on a tour of our two grow facilities in Las Vegas, NV and Salinas Valley, California.

Hosted by CEO Mark Bradley

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  1. Asim October 3, 2018 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    The long term success of any company is a business model based on growth and profitability. I am a share holder for over 2 years and keep increasing my stake because of my trust in the management. Concentrate on the business plan and not so much on short term stock price hype. stay away from toxic dilutions and reverse splits and investors will reward you or you can choose the path of TRTC, BIOC and thousand others who have lost the investors trust and are struggling to stay afloat. Thank you. Asim

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