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This would be the “interior” crops, as presented by the company associated with the government of Jujuy

Although the possession for consumption, commercialization and cultivation of the marijuanaplant are prohibited in Argentina by the current drug law, the government of the province of Jujuy made a grandiloquent announcement on Tuesday: in partnership with producers in the United States, they will build on a farm in the province what they consider the “world’s largest crop” of this plant.

Player’s Network in partnership with the State of Jujuy signed a binding memorandum to produce enough together not only to, as they promise, supply the demand for medicinal cannabis in Argentina , but also to ” export the raw extract” to the United States, Canada and other countries where the plant is legal.

Although it was sanctioned almost two years ago and still does not work , the current law in Argentina for the medical use of the plant only allows the internal distribution of CBD oils (a non-psychoactive component) to hospitals for clinical studies of refractory epilepsy , exclusively.

The farm where they will produce cannabis in Jujuy

For this reason, through the newly formed company, which integrates Green Leaf Farms Jujuy (subsidiary of Player’s Network) and Cannabis Avatãra Sociedad del Estado , owned by the province of Jujuy, they intend to supply the country with all the necessary oils to carry out those clinical trials. And they bet on a future where they can respond to the demand of patients of other ailments (since refractory epilepsy is only for children and represents a tiny portion in the universe of cannabis users).

The new company obtained permits to grow, extract, manufacture and export cannabis-based products to other countries where these products are legal. Occur industrial hemp(can be made fabrics, fibers, food, bricks, among other options), cannabis for medical use . These operations will be financed entirely by Green Leaf Farms Jujuy.

“This new joint venture will be the largest cannabis cultivation legal project in the world,” said Mark Bradley , CEO of the foreign company. As explained by the entrepreneur, the crops will be carried out in a historic farm 100 years old. And the agreement guarantees the provision of fresh water fed by two rivers with a source of modern electricity supply. “The land that has been allocated for the Joint Venture is almost 1,000 times larger than the largest legal cannabis farm in the United States,” they explained.

Gerardo Morales, governor of Jujuy, and Mark Bradley, CEO of Green Leaf

The Green Leaf estimates plan the implementation of outdoor sowing of the first crops for January 2019 . The project will be extended in phases, initially with some trial plots, and will be extended to open-air fields and large-scale greenhouse crop complexes as market demand increases.

Green Leaf Farms Jujuy will build a support and expansion campus that will consist of several buildings that will contain the stages of production, manufacture and distribution. These establishments will eventually employ more than 1,000 workers “when it is in full production”.

Harvested marijuana flowers (The Washington Post / Philip Cheung)

“We see in the development of the production and industrialization of cannabis for medicinal purposes not only the possibility of complying with the law and allowing thousands of people to legally access medicinal cannabis products, but also the possibility of changing the productive matrix of the province of Jujuy , the creation of hundreds of jobs and the transfer of knowledge and technology “, commented the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales .

“This project is one of the biggest professional challenges of my career, my goal is to heal the world through cannabis oils and promote prosperity through the creation of economic opportunities for both the people of Argentina, the shareholders of Players Network as well as for our international partners, “added Bradley.