PNTV was initially established to develop a lifestyle channel around the gaming industry.  As the company grew PNTV developed a multi-channel platform and significantly increased distribution. During the transition to a media, technology and entertainment company, PNTV produces and distributes programming on multiple cable and satellite “Video On Demand” (VOD) platforms to approximately 104,000,000 homes which 27,000,000 cable, satellite and IPTV homes on Comcast and 82,000,000 over Hulu.

NextGenTV is the new propriety enterprise platform which allows PNTV to provide brands, businesses, celebrities and professionals with the tools to launch their own network. NextGenTV’s scalability enables PNTV to create 100’s of niche channel destinations (networks) that can be viewed worldwide on any media device (smart TV, computer, tablet or mobile device).

Our business model is to generate revenues for our proprietary channels as well as from clients. Proprietary channels, such as, generates revenues through advertising, cross selling with other companies and premium membership subscriptions. Clients pay us to develop platforms to connect with their existing customers as well as attract new ones.