PNTV owns 80% of Green Leaf Farms Holdings, LLC (Green Leaf) and 100% of

Green Leaf is a private company which was granted a Medical Marijuana Establishments (MME) license in the city of North Las Vegas to build on 3.2 acres (up to 70,000 square feet) of cultivation and a production facility. Green Leaf has identified the “best of breed” operators to manage the MME (cultivation and production) to ensure the highest quality products through proven best practices. has approached the rapidly growing Medical and Recreational Marijuana markets with a business model that differentiates itself from all other marijuana company’s.  PNTV’s approach is to leverage its experience in production, distribution and marketing and deliver a true vertical business convergence that combines digital media and a brick and mortar operations that target exclusive audiences of both consumers and business in the Marijuana markets.

The MME production and cultivation facility generates revenues by producing medical marijuana and a line of edible products which are legally sold to licensed marijuana dispensaries throughout Nevada. Green Leaf expects to generate a profit in the first fiscal year of operation. The second year could generate significant revenues based on the current MME market without consideration of Nevada legislature approving recreational use. Las Vegas is the largest tourist and entertainment destination in the world with 40 million visitors each year. In the event Nevada legislature allows for recreational use, Green Leaf feels the revenues could outperform all current recreational states combined.

PNTV is one of only 2 fully reporting U.S. publicly traded companies who have received this license.