There are plenty of pet owners who view their dogs as members of the family. As with any member of the family, we want to ensure the highest quality of care possible. This had led many pet parents to consider the possibility of adding a CBD product to their dog’s medical regimen.

The most important question that needs to be answered first is whether or not it is safe to give CBD to our four-legged members of the family.

Can pet parents administer CBD oil to their dogs?

Since canines are mammals, they also have the same cannabinoid receptors that humans have. The one main difference is that the cannabinoid receptors for dogs are much more concentrated than those for humans. Since dogs do have cannabinoid receptors, they most definitely could benefit from the use of CBD oil. Since the cannabinoid receptors for dogs are much more concentrated than those of humans, special precautions and considerations need to take place before beginning use.

Those that are looking to give their dogs CBD need to understand that there are plenty of CBD products available that also carry a small amount of THC.  Being that the cannabinoid receptors found on dogs are so much more concentrated than those found on humans, dogs will respond to significantly smaller doses of THC than humans. Those that are looking to implement a CBD program that includes a small amount of THC will need to understand that ultra-low doses of THC work best for dogs. Animals that were given medium to large doses of THC experienced negative reactions. It is also important to consider the overall weight and size of the animal. Make sure that you discuss with your veterinarian what the proper dosage of CBD/THC should be before you begin a program.  Most whole plant CBD products will contain approximately 0.3% THC or less. Those that are interested in introducing a low-dose THC program for their dogs will need to pay close attention to any warning signs. Symptoms to look out for include extreme drowsiness, static ataxia, and vomiting.

CBD without any THC rarely reacts negatively towards dogs regardless of breed or size. Dogs are able to receive a much higher dose of CBD only products since these items do not contain any levels of mind-altering substances that are associated with even the smallest amounts of THC.  Most pet parents are more comfortable providing their furry friends with CBD products that do not contain any THC at all. Even when considering a CBD only regimine, it is essential that you check with your veterinarian before you begin treating your dog with CBD. CBD could interact with your dogs other medications, make sure that you let your veterinarian know what other medications your dog is taking when deciding if a CBD program is the best answer for your furry friend.