Dear $PNTV Shareholders,

It has come to our attention that Alpine Securities, one of the major clearing houses for Player’s Network, Inc. (PNTV) stock is leaving the retail business and closing customer accounts. This has resulted in the broker-dealer, Spencer Edwards and perhaps others, closing their retail operations.  In addition, we have heard from several stockholders that Alpine has charged a $5,000 (five thousand) monthly fee for holding their PNTV stock and that this fee can only be waived if the stock is sold or transferred out of Alpine’s holdings within the next few weeks.

To assist our shareholders, if you need another broker and clearing firm, you can contact:

Fred Ott
Wilson-Davis & Co., Inc.
Phone: 303-793-0120.

Mr. Ott will assist you in transferring your shares so you are not forced to sell your position.

While we do not know for certain, we believe Alpine’s closing may have been a major reason for the recent downward pressure on PNTV’s share price; due to the incentive Alpine presented to their customers to liquidate their shares. In order to provide full disclosure and keep the investing public fully informed, we will be releasing an educational video later this week that will fully outline our positioning, especially as it pertains to our expansion in Argentina, the implementation of our dynamic, business model, and the opportunity that creates for PNTV and its shareholders. We feel after seeing the video, you will see tremendous value after you fully understand the business model of our Green Leaf Farms Argentina operations.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Mark Bradley, CEO
Phone: 702.840.3271